United Gambians Association                                 

United      Gambians      Association

Executive Committee

The functions of the executive committee are to enforce the provision of the constitution, to implement agreed upon policies and programs, and to initiate activities and programs for the advancement of the association. The executive committee functions also include disseminating information related to the kayo affairs, disciplining members accordingly, responding to UGA members for any development activity and to fulfill the functions and responsibilities assigned to them by the association.

Every member of the association has the right to vote and be voted to any of the executive position by a clear majority. He/she is entitled to demand free and fair election conducted in transparent and equitable process. Every member is entitled to one vote and has the right to access organizational information audited accounts, meeting proceedings and minutes. The term limit for all the executive position is two years.

The term of the entire executive expires at the end of August 2015



Alhagie Ebou Cham

Vice President 

Kawsu Badjie